Superintendent                                             Deadline February 26, 2019


Master's Degre, Valid Louisiana Teaching Certificate

Must meet all of the requirements mandated by Louisiana State Department of Education Bulletin 746 at the time of the appointment.

and any qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.


Twelve (12) Months

Reports to Pointe Coupee Parish School Board


Supervises all administrative and supervisory personnel in the parish.



To provide leadership in

developing, implementing, and maintaining the goals of the system while carrying out policies established and approved by the Board. Making recommendations and the overall planning, direction, control, and evaluation of the system are among the duties of the Pointe Coupee Parish School Superintendent



  1. Serve as executive head of the system in charge of both educational and business functions as evidenced by an effective and efficient school system.

  2. Delegate responsibility for the operation of various segments of the school system, and be responsible to the Board for the results provided.     (L.S.A. Revised Statutes 17:81.
  3. Daily administer the development and main­tenance of a positive educational program designed to meet the needs of the community and carry out the policies of the Board; initiate matters of educational policy, and make definite recommendations thereon; keep abreast of the best educational developments and advise regarding changes in policies as evidenced by reports to the Pointe Coupee Parish School Board.
  4. Recommend and submit nominations to the Board for the number and types of positions (administrative, supervisory, and other) required to provide proper personnel for the administration of such a program, and recommend dismissal and/or termination to the Board in accordance with established procedures and policies.
  5. Recommend policies on organization, finance,

    instructional, school planning, and other functions of the school program as evidenced by policies submitted.

  6. Annually assign and define the duties of all personnel as evidenced by job descriptions.

  7. Annually supervise the preparation of the annual budget and make all budgetary recommendations to the Board for their approval as evidenced by an adopted budget.
  8. Advise and recommend to the Board, matters of business administration; oversee all proper requests for equipment and supplies; point out possible economics; and supervise the acquisition and distribution of same within the school system as evidenced by reports on file.
  9. Make periodic needs assessments of all physical properties; formulate recommendations to the Board as to construction and maintenance needs; and keep the Board informed on progress and conditions of these physical facilities as evidenced by reports made.
  10. When necessary, present, before any new position is established for the Board's approval, a job description for the position which specified the job holder's qualifications, the job holders performance responsibilities, and the method by which the performance of these responsibilities will be evaluated; and maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date set of job descriptions of all administrative positions in the system as evidenced by job descriptions and evaluations on file.
  11. Evaluate annually, the performance of personnel and make recommendations regarding their employment and salary status as evidenced by personnel files.
  12. Establish permanent and temporary committees which are deemed necessary for proper administration of Board policies and/or the improvement of the total educational program as evidenced by files kept.
  13. Approve the selection of all professional consultants from the State Department of Education, colleges, universities, and other sources prior to the invitation and the arrangement for visitation by personnel within the system as evidenced by reports on file.
  14. Evaluate all educational programs offered annually and recommend any necessary changes
    to the Board so as to establish the best possible programs available for pupils of Pointe Coupee Parish as evidenced by such evaluation.

  15. When necessary, make decisions and take immediate action in cases necessary where the Board has provided no guides for administrative action, such decisions and actions to be subject to review by the Board at its regular meeting. It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to inform the Board promptly of such action and of the need for policy as evidenced by reports made.
  16. Carry out and enforce all policies established by the School Board and report reactions of
    school personnel and the public to the Board as evidenced by reports made.

  17. Conduct a continuous evaluation of the development and needs of the schools, and initiate and establish a wholesome,

    functional, and effective public relations program to inform the general public on the overall effectiveness and needs of the school

    program as evidenced by records kept.
  18. Meet with the school board prior to the end of the 1st 6 weeks and write a professional growth plan.
  19. When necessary, recommend to the Board, the establishment of school attendance boundaries and enforce local and state regulations concerning the attendance of students in established school zones.
  20. Establish and maintain an inventory of all School Board owned property and equipment as evidenced by an inventory on file.
  21. Cooperate with federal and state government, industry, and community leaders to foster and
    enhance a favorable attitude toward the system's schools as evidenced by an efficient and effective school system.

  22. Perform all other duties as directed.